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Making PPR Fittings Requires Attention To Pressure Control

2018/11/30      view:

Injection pressure and holding pressure are the key factors to ensure the compactness of PPR Pipe Hot Water. This is inseparable from the excellent use of the tube. In the process of production, attention should be paid to the control of pressure. The following is a brief introduction to the Xiaotian management industry.

1, injection pressure

According to the size of the PPR pipe fittings, the injection pressure must be carefully controlled. The pressure is too small, and the product will produce defects such as shrinkage, deformation, and insufficient shots. If the pressure is too high, flashing will occur, which will make the demoulding difficult and increase. Loss of injection molding machine and mold, pay attention to the requirements on the thickness of the pipe wall.

2, pressure holding pressure

Due to the thick wall of the product, PPR Pipe Hot Water shrinks when forming. Whether the product can be flat and not deformed after the die is released. The pressure and pressure holding time are essential. The PPR melt material is continuously enriched by the pressure maintaining process. The inner cavity of the product compensates for the unevenness caused by the volume reduction, so the holding pressure needs to be increased step by step and the holding pressure should be greater than the injection pressure.

3, the pressure setting considerations

In order to ensure the excellent effect of the PPR pipe fittings, it is necessary to reduce the pressure according to the effective area of the mold sprue, and the pressure can be appropriately reduced; otherwise, the pressure needs to be increased. It is also necessary to pay attention to the setting of the injection holding pressure to the upper limit without the occurrence of flashing or the difficulty of demoulding, to the limit of no shrinkage, deformation, and comprehensive consideration of temperature and the like.

In summary, the requirements for the pressure on the production of PPR pipe fittings need to be noted, and it is necessary to ensure the excellent performance of the product. We also have PPR Pipe Cold Water, PPR Pipe Cutter, etc. We are experts in PPR pipe.