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What Are The Advantages And Characteristics Of PERT Tubing?

2018/11/30      view:

  PERT Tubing is a medium-density polyethylene with very stable mechanical properties, which is obtained by catalytic copolymerization of monomers of ethylene and octene. The unique ethylene backbone and octene short-chain structure make it have excellent toughness, resistance cracking resistance, low temperature impact resistance, outstanding long-term water pressure resistance and heat-resistant creep properties of octene. The superior hot-melt connection method can be repaired by accidental damage by pipe fittings. It has good flexibility, the pipe is easy to bend, convenient for construction, the bending radius is small, and it does not rebound after bending. The raw material has a creep failure curve in accordance with the product standard, and is the only excellent type of polyethylene in the current stage that can be used for hot water pipes without cross-linking.

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