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Suggestions For PPR Pipe Installation

2018/11/30      view:

Generally, in the hydropower transformation, the original water pipes will be replaced. The home improvement company and the merchants all choose hot water pipes when installing the PPR pipes, even hot water pipes are used in places where cold water flows. Their argument is that the technical parameters of the hot water pipe are higher than the cold water pipe, and the price is not much different, so the waterway transformation uses hot water pipes.

The diameter of the pipe diameter PPR Pipe (according to the outer diameter) can be from 20mm to 160mm, the main use in the home decoration is 20mm (PPR is 4 pipe, which is different from the galvanized pipe), 25mm (PPR is 6 pipe, and galvanized) There are two types of tubes, of which 20mm are used more. If the economy allows, we recommend the use of PPR pipes with an outer diameter of 25 mm, especially the cold water pipes that enter the water, because modern households are highly concentrated, water is more and more, and the probability of water is high. Reduce the water pressure and water flow is small.

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