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Six Tips For Choosing A Water Pipe For Home Improvement

2018/11/30      view:

Water pipes are concealed works in home improvement, and maintenance is very troublesome. Buying good quality water pipes can save you from worries. The following small series introduces you to a few common senses for choosing water pipes for home decoration.

1. PPR Pipe, steel-plastic pipe and copper pipe are generally used for home decoration water pipes. The price of steel-plastic pipe is relatively high, while the price of PPR Pipe is higher than that of steel-plastic pipe fittings. The price of copper pipe is the most expensive, and the price is equivalent to PPR Pipe. 4 times or so.

2. The water pipe for home decoration should be avoided from the ground, preferably from the top or the wall, the pipe usage may increase slightly, but it is conducive to future pipeline maintenance.

3. The wall thickness of the hot and cold water pipes is different. PPR Pipe Cold Water cannot be used as a hot water pipe. The easy way to distinguish hot and cold water pipes is to have a red line mark on PPR Pipe Hot Water.

4. The standard length of PPR pipe is four meters per piece. When buying, please ask the price of each pipe or the price of pipe per meter. After the pipe is sent, remember to check whether the length of the pipe meets the requirements.

5. The water pipe for home decoration should pay attention to the pipe diameter and wall thickness. Generally, the main pipe should use 6 pipes, and the pipe can be used with 4 pipes. In order to ensure the water consumption, the pipe can also use 6 pipes.

6. When choosing the pipe for home decoration, pay attention to whether the inner diameter of the pipe is symmetrical. The unevenness of the pipe diameter will affect the docking of the two interfaces.